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Ready to join the Colorado Distillers Guild?

Great! Here are our Membership Class & Fees, select your appropriate membership level, fill out the form below and submit payment and you will be good to go.

In an attempt to spread the costs out equitably, we’re following a similar plan to the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA), and other groups, with a tiered dues structure based upon annual proof gallon (PG) production numbers.

From your TTB production reports (line 14) for previous year:

Regular Membership:
0-2000 Annual PG production: $400

2001-20000 Annual PG production: $750

20001 – 50,000 Annual PG production: $1000

>50,000 Annual PG production: $2000

Guild Sponsor:
Presenting Sponsor: $3,500 annual

Partner Sponsor: $2,000 annual

Supporting Sponsor: $750 annual

    Member Registration Form

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    Company Name:

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    Company Contacts with Titles:






    If regular member, please also submit list or products produced with brand name and description.

    Please prove your human status:


    We are thrilled to have you aboard. To complete your membership registration, please select your membership level and submit payment.

    Membership Class & Fees

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